Artist Watch: Nathan M. Rosario!

Here at MAD we like to spend our time cruising! The art scene that is; especially Deviant Art! While looking for cool new artists we came across Nathan M. Rosario from Illinois.

He specializes in graphic design, but MAD was mostly impressed by his rendering of Hank McCoy a.k.a. X-Men’s Beast! Check out his art below and for more renderings go to his deviant art page HERE!

Hank & Bobby by NM Rosario

Hank & Bobby wrestle by NM Rosario

Original Beast by NM Rosario

Hank by NM Rosario


3 thoughts on “Artist Watch: Nathan M. Rosario!

  1. not speak English, but I hope you understand, I can not help thinking that the drawings have something gay, but does not bother me at all, my favorite Marvel character is beast, I have not seen anyone who draws better than you, I’m really impressed with the quality of his drawings, I try to draw and you really motivated me, the rotoscope technique, I feel great, thank you very much for drawing my favorite character so well, takes all the personality that others do not see . FOX should advise you to make the characters in the movies, many thanks I love your drawings

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