Earthy Wednesday

New Guardians

Image from DC, cover of Green Lantern #53

Another week has come and gone and Wednesday is upon us once more! While we certainly enjoy and celebrate our planet every chance we are able, we’re even more excited about the happenings of our two favorite, fictitious earths from DC & Marvel!

It’s new comics day, of course, and the Brightest Day & Second Coming (newly released July links included!) events are in full swing! Titles on sale can be found here for DC and here for Marvel.

After the positively bizarre collection of scenes Boston Brand is dragged through in Brightest Day #0 I’ve decided to stop eating and just buy comics. Geoff Johns and the legion of DC creatives is going all out on their respective titles to make Brightest Day a success. And we all know Sinestro is giving Hal a handy on the cover pictured above. Seriously, I’m buying titles and tie-ins I never thought I would just because I need to know what happens. That’s the best review I can give a story, I think.

X-Factor #204

Image from Marvel, cover of X-Factor #204

Speaking of things I never thought I’d be this excited for, Second Coming has me torn between publishers. Teams and characters I hadn’t  heard of three weeks ago have suddenly become prime on my list for characters to read up on. So much drama, tension, action & struggle has gone into Second Coming that I’m quickly becoming a rabid X-fan. The future at stake for mutantkind, the hope that Hope might bring & what irreparable evils the X-Men might commit to protect their species have me taking out a second mortgage to buy every book involved. I don’t even pay a mortgage, if that tells you anything.

It is such an exciting time to be a fan you’d have to have a Class Alpha Mutant Cynicism Factor not to be bursting at the seams with anticipatory glee for what might be on the horizon! So happy comics-ing and may the earth be earthful for you tomorrow!



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