Good morning, sexy people! Are you ready for some new comics? I know eye yam!

Chapter 5
(image from Marvel, X-Force #26)

Second Coming is full-steam ahead into chapter 5, focusing once more on the X-Force portion of the mutant population. Hope should be just a hop, skip & dimensional jump away from Utopia but one mutant is slated to die on the way. And mutants have certainly been dropping like flies during this ordeal.

Tough times for the genetically activated!

Arsenal 2
(image from DC, Rise of Arsenal #2)

Speaking of amputees (???), Roy Harper’s world only looks to be getting darker as his life after the Cry for Justice events continues to spiral out of control. With one seriously angry Cheshire showing up to confront him, I imagine we’ll continue to see the dark side of the once Red Arrow.

Then of course we have the conclusion to the Darkness Engine business in JSA (which has been a great read), some more tales of the Green Lantern Corps as they lick their wounds and regroup in the Brightest Day & a new issue of Detective Comics without Batwoman (booooo) but with the Question & Huntress (yaaaaay?).

New comics lists for the big three! DC, Marvel & Dark Horse!



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