We’ve Only Got 100 Minutes to Save the World

Image: DC, War of the Supermen #1

So if you happened to miss War of the Supermen #0 on Free Comic Book Day, then you’d better get it in gear by Wednesday if you want to get on board the Supertrain! I confess I don’t do much in the way of following Big Blue’s story unless he happens to cross over into one of my regularly scheduled programs (à la Final Crisis or Blackest Night). While I generally feel too intimidated to read a character of Superman’s vast history, I was happy as a clam to find myself succinctly brought up to speed on all of the New Krypton happenings as the assault on (old?) Earth begins.

I wouldn’t say issue 0 was groundbreaking as far as comic book storytelling is concerned but I am always glad to see a major event start off on the right foot, even if its precursor was all over the place (as you’ve heard on our last podcast, concerning Last Stand). Let’s get these 100 minutes of Superbanging started!



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