O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

(image from DC, Brightest Day #1)

Man, Hal Jordan must be passing one hell of a shiny kidney stone! I jest, of course, for we are truly & megaman excited for the events of Brightest Day today! While the zero issue was tantalizing in its exposition, finally getting into the meat(substitute) of the story will be much appreciated. Now that we’re all set up with our main players, we can finally discover what this new white light means for the DCU now that it seems to have mostly coalesced on earth. With a story title of “Second Chances”, anything could and would (and wood) happen. Here’s the Brightest Day checklist if you’ve been missing it.

Uncanny 524
(image from Marvel, Uncanny X-Men #524)

It’s too early for me to spoil the major death that occurred in the last chapter of Second Coming but HOLY COW! If the preview is any judge, this issue will mostly be the fallout from the loss and how the team handles the death as well as Hope’s bloody entrance to Utopia. Emotions will be tipped past the boiling point and let’s just hope the mutants can hold it together long enough to fend off Bastion’s baddies! Follow along with our Second Coming checklist if you haven’t been!

Hellbound 1
(image from Marvel, X-Men: Second Coming – Revelations: Hellbound #1)

Sorry for the picspam here but come on, how can you say no to Magik’s magickal vibrator getting some cover play? It looks like the cracks in Utopia are deepening and widening (X-moisturizer is nowhere in sight!) as Bastion continues his assault on mutantkind. How can a brother let his sister to the deadly forces of Limbo alone? The answer is, of course, that he can’t. Piotr and a few willing compatriots will make their way to Illyana’s hidey-hellhole to save the day or die trying.

They don’t get their own cover in the post this week but I love me some JSA All-Stars! We’re finally getting the shocking conclusion to Constellations with the promise of much pain and anguish dished out by Johnny Sorrow. The Subtle Realms are sure to be dispelled by Fate Girl (Fate Lass? Fatea? Doctora Labia? The possibilities are lame and endless) but what will it mean for the team? I’m all atwitter for where the youngest Society members go from here.

And of course, let us know what you think of War of the Supermen!

Quite a week for comics (when isn’t it, really?) and another glorious Wednesday! Get out there and support the comics biz (who lives in Oz)!



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