Birds of YAAAAAAY!

Cover art by Olivier Coipel

Another joyous Wednesday is upon us as Siege comes to its explosive conclusion! It’s a double-sized issue and with the SUPERHYPE (almost completely deserved) surrounding the event we’re sure to have our collective hive mind blown to smithereens. Deaths, defeats, explosions & re-births all leading to the wondrous new Heroic Age! I, for one, welcome our new vengeful overlords.

Cover art by Ed Benes

My eyes are bleeding happiness rainbows, right now! The Birds are back in town and every DC fan should be beating down doors to pick up the first new issue. It looks like the team is getting an injection of manly musk with Hawk joining the team, which could be interesting. My feeling is that Hawk & Dove are there for their Brightest Day connection but time will tell! Looks like Penguin and a mysterious new foe will be harrying our happy harpies for this wonderful new startup!

Cover art by Adi Granov

Chapter 7 of Second Coming continues this week with the fallout from the funeral pulling the mutant nation further and further apart, all while Bastion’s inside-baddie wreaks havoc on the inner lifelines of Utopia. The X-people have to get it together to survive the onslaught Bastion has in store but Hope continues to add to the tension. Will we see any of her powers manifest or is she truly a token monarch (butterfly)? We might just find out this week!

Then of course we have The Flash continue in his new Geoff Johns series. The future death of a Rogue has Flash in trouble with a time-traveling troupe of Rogue-lookalikes. Claiming to be a force of good, The Renegades could be anything but the Fastest Man Alive is sure to delve deeper into the mystery this week!

We have the Brightest Day tie-ins Justice League: Generation Lost #1 and Titans: Villains for Hire this week as well. With Generation Lost, the members of the old JLI are being targeted as part of a larger scheme to eradicate superheroes! With so much tragedy in their past, I’m curious to see what the group is put through now that the universe is in a brand new day. The Atom is in trouble this week with Slade’s Angry Team of Villainy putting him in their sights in Villains for Hire. Do they have an ulterior motive or are they just playing the usual deathgame for money? I wouldn’t be surprised if this Brightest Day tie-in hides more than the solicit is letting on.

And finally, the astonishing X-Men are getting some Heroic Age love with Xenogenesis #1! Mutant babies are popping out all over an east African village and the X-Men are on the case! Since we’ve only ever seen mutant genes activate at puberty, the implications could be immense. It could be a case of science gone wrong or another leap in the mutant evolutionary tale. In any case, the art is gorgeous and the solicits intriguing. That’s all it takes for me!



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