By Odin’s beard!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

What’s that month-old fish smell? Why, it’s Aquaman! Here to save the day with some seriously fetid calamari! It’s Brightest Day #2 and we’re delving deeper into the mysteries of the white light of ~*~Feelings~*~ once again this week! Firestorm on the fritz, Aquaman commanding the dead, forests popping up in city ruins and 12 living once-dead folk, I’m hoping we start really getting to the meat of the story. The art is pretty, the story compelling (if vaguely and arguably racist at points) and it’s giving me a Green Arrow story. Heaven!

(Cover by Adi Granov, Marvel Comics)

Bastion is cooking up even more pain and anguish for our favorite X-people this week in X-Men Legacy #236 (Chapter 8 of Second Coming) as his plan to trap the mutant race on Utopia becomes a frightening reality! The X-Club trapped outside, Pixie stuck in Limbo and hardly any help on the way it’s looking damn bleak for the team. I’m sure they’ll manage a win by the end but I can’t fathom how. Be reading this if you haven’t been!

(Cover by John Romita, Jr., Marvel Comics)

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquariuuuuuuuuuuus! Earth-616 is getting all bright and shiny itself with a brand new Heroic Age! If you haven’t heard, the end of Siege is giving the Marvel universe a re-haul (as well as four new Avengers books). With this Wednesday bringing us the first in the promised quaternity, Avengers #1! Kang the Conqueror is back from the future for a mysterious purpose sure to put the newly ASSEMBLE’d team through their paces.  We’re also getting a backup feature of the oral history of the Avengers which will be…pleasurable.

I’m also excited uptown, downtown & midtown this week for the new DC Universe: Legacies series starting up, a 10-part book covering the entire history of the DCU! From the earliest masked heroes of World War II (where this issue begins) to the current day’s generation of super-people, we’re slated to get it all. Quite an undertaking but the previews up so far have my hopes up.

We also have the prologue to the new JLA/JSA crossover this week in JLA #45. Supergirl and Power Girl are locked in battle and no one knows why. With Alan Scott and his daughter clearly in trouble with the Starheart, that can’t be a good thing. Should be a great read. Then of course we’ve talked about the ongoing Zatanna series starting up, be sure to give it a go! Dini, Roux & Story, what could go wrong?

If you haven’t picked up an issue of American Vampire yet then you’re missing out on some beautiful horror. Issue 3 is out this week and both Stephen King and Scott Snyder are hitting their stride for their 5-part run together. The characters are real and their tribulations are visceral. Can’t ask for more in this flapper-era vampire masterpiece!

We also have the second part of X-Factor’s story during Second Coming and it’s sure to be bloody fun, the conclusion to Pixie Strikes Back (with one amaaazing cover!) & the second volume of Girl comics, a grab bag of amazing talent that you should absolutely pick up if you can afford to.

Don’t forget the abundance of Heroic Age comics that will provide extra background and clarity for the new books (bam, bam & bam!).

The Legion of Super-Heroes is back with another 1st issue, a Green Lantern tie-in and the destruction of a major planet are all promised in this one, check it out.

And lastly, the War of the Supermen rages on in the third installment of the series, sure to shock and amaze the world.

Phew, quite a lot of comics this week but be sure to check them all out at your local comic shop!



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