Hawkgirl Smash!

In celebration of Brightest Day I have chosen Hawkgirl for the Mutant of the Day.  We have featured her as the Mutant of the Week on our MAD Podcast, but she is so damn awesome she deserves to be featured again. 

Art by Bruce Timm

Shiera Hall is the reincarnation of Egyptian princess Chay-Ara.  Her and her lover Prince Khufu  were murdered by Egyptian priest Hath-Set with a knife made of  alien substance known as the Nth Metal.  The combination of their love and the alien properties of the metal has caused them to be reborn several times.  Prince Khufu is reborn as Carter Hall an archeologist, who uses the properties of the Nth metal to create a belt allowing him to fly.  With the belt and a costume he created he becomes Hawkman and Shiera becomes Hawkgirl.   Shiera dies after the events of Zero Hour and a new Hawgirl is born in Kendra Saunders who has none of Shiera’s memories.  Recently in the events of Blackest Night Kendra Saunders dies and  Shiera is resurrected by the power of the white light.  You can currently see  Shiera kicking ass in the pages of Brightest Day

-Aaron M


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