While They’re Poppin’ Fresh

Since we will not be able to smack you in the face(s) with our…podcast…this weekend, I thought I’d share a quick rundown of the highlights and lowlights for me in this week’s comic releases!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

On Brightest Day #2, I have this to say. CALM DOWN CALM DOWN. Everyone, it is seriously only issue 2 of a 26 ISSUE SERIES, about %7.69231 of the entire story! To make sweeping judgments and accusations concerning where Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are taking the characters is hasty and premature. I’m not saying the subtle threads of racism aren’t there or that the extreme violence isn’t off-putting at times but give the creators time to create, you know? I care to see what happens to these characters so I’m reading, plain and simple. I have faith that Johns isn’t here to do damage but to really shake things up, to rearrange the DCU into fascinating new shapes and let other authors do the same. I think that’s almost always a good thing. I’ve seen him write a diverse, inspiring JSA story or ten in his day and I know he’s got the talent to make this amazing.

I expect greatness and I hope to see it happen soon but let’s keep a little perspective as a readership, please.

(Scan from JLA #45, art by Mark Bagley & Rob Hunter)

As a new reader to JLA, I’m glad as a goose that they’ve taken a few issues to deal with the fallout from Cry for Justice & Rise and Fall. I dig the new team, love the interplay and that they’re already getting put through the paces in this new JLA/JSA crossover! I loooove the JSA so anytime they can get more attention and amazing story arcs, I’m all for it. Plus I have a major hearton for Alan Scott in his Green Knight outfit. Even if he is insane and he’s going to destroy the universe with his gay son. Story of my life.

Zatanna by Cat Staggs

Zatanna #1 is starting off strong and I’m liking it. An ass-kicking woman who is sure of herself, heroic & a vegetarian? I’m in like flint! Luscious art and an all-around success. Anyone familiar with Identity Crisis might feel a little uneasy about the opening scene but I think it’s an appropriate choice. Here’s why: the average person in the DCU (and in Zatanna’s audience) has no idea that Z was forced to do horrible things in response to Dr. Light’s reprehensible rape of Sue Dibny in the past. All they know is that he’s a villain. It’s a symbol from Paul Dini and a secret ritual for Zatanna herself, I feel. These beings who have done much wrong are easily overcome. Her part of Identity Crisis is dealt with, she’s recovered and rises above it. I can get behind that concept.

(Cover by John Romita, Jr., Marvel Comics)

Avengers #1 was two tons of fun! We’ll see how the other new Avengers titles turn out but the team banter already has me hooked. Plenty of humor, action and intriguing plot points. I’m down for more and I’m so glad Rueben has me more and more interested in the Marvel side of the aisle.

(Cover by Adi Granov, Marvel Comics)

All I wanted to do was press the big red button in X-Men Legacy #236! Hope is here to stay and the Nimrods are flooding in at full force! The Avengers aren’t doing much good but I’m sure they’re there for a reason. I know Greg Land gets much hatred for his work but it’s cinematic and neat. Maybe if he put ‘digital artist’ or ‘visual creator’ he’d get less flak but I really am only concerned with the end product when it comes to what I’m reading. Shiny people and some gorgeous scenery, me likey. He could draw his women with a little distinction but he works those pages out.

X-Factor actually makes sense to me now! Huzzah! Looks like they were playing Trask for a fool and they’re about to strike back HARD! I’d never read them before but I’m very much considering continuing once the dust settles from Second Coming. Quirky and offbeat always grab my attention and this team seems to have it in spades.

We’ll be heading to Zeus Comics this weekend for their quarter backissue sale and if you’re in the DFW area, do the same!



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