Shh, It’s A Secret

TGIW, as they say, because we’re getting new comics (amazing how that whole publishing deadline thing works, huh?)!

Down below you’ll see our loving and hopeful post about X-Men Origins: Emma Frost, check it out today!

The war for Utopia is on in this week’s chapter of Second Coming! X-Force #27 is a little more tight-lipped in the solicits than usual so something even more major than a giant sphere wiping out a chunk of San Francisco might happen? Still an event you should not be missing!

X-Men: Second Coming – Revelations: Blind Science is set to flesh out the current plight of the X-Club as they were pulled from Utopia to investigate a nearby oil derrick causing some massive disturbances. Bastion caught them outside the bubble for a reason but what will it be and might they still help their fellow mutants inside?

Ah, Roy Harper. He’s been Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow. How far the mighty have fallen. The third installment of Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal pits this ex-Titan against the new Batman and his good friend Dick…Grayson. Completely off his nut following the death of his daughter Lian, Roy has been destroying just about every facet of his previous life. I hope DC lets him be a villain for awhile. Take out his frustration on the hero community, vent that anger without harming any civilians but I pray to Gog that they don’t make him another DC anti-hero. I like anti-heroes, I do. They have a place in stories.

Just not Roy Harper, please. I’m excited, though, J.T. Krul has written some highly intense comics in these.

Secret Avengers #1 is the next book in the new Avengers tag team of serials. Promising to be part-spy, part-superhero, the concept for this team could go to great places. Really, I was sold when I saw Beast on the cover but the mere fact that Captain Turtleneck put together such a covert team is a bold move that strikes my curiosity. What he needs from them and what they’ll do to make it happen should be quite a read.

Oh man, you guys, Justice League: Generation Lost #2 couldn’t come out soon enough! Having never read much of the old JLI stories, I still was joyfully brought along on this crazy ride. Maxwell Lord’s final “I’m On A Boat (And the boat is the world)” pose is worth the price of admission in issue 1 and it clearly is going to put this reunion of the JLI through some serious drama.

Green Lantern Corps #48 continues from the “Green Lanterns Can Do It Now!” issue with the first big storyarc in the Brightest Day, “Emerald Dawn”. Ganthet’s a GL, John Stewart is back and there is a shadowy threat hiding in the membership of the Green Corps itself. Not gonna lie, I’m reading this for the Brightest Day tie-in but I don’t have much invested yet. I’d like to see that change, though.

Green Lantern #54, THE RETURN OF RAGEKITTEH! Seriously, this cat is ridiculous. In the first 6 pages it rips this random thug on a subway to shreds. Some interesting feline commentary from Geoff Johns with this character? Did we even need feline commentary? It’s the commentary we need, not the commentary we want. All the Corps jammed onto Earth is causing some serious issues but the convention is still necessary until they can sort themselves out with the mysterious new White Lantern showing it’s shiny mug. Good times are sure to be had.

The Return of Bruce Wayne is on issue 2 of 6 this week and the plot is sure to thicken as he continues to bounce forward in time and his band of fellow superheroes races like mad through the timeline to find him.

Dazzler gets some tender loving this week in her very own one-shot of disco magic! She survived Necrosha but that doesn’t mean she’s safe! Mortis is bringing the hurt to the House of Dazzler. And not a Bedazzler in sight! What’s a diva to do?

Thanos Imperative: Ignition is the start of a beautiful friendship. Or, you know, the end of the universe! Looks like the universe’s best and worst will have to band together to fend off an impossibly villainous foe in this new crossover event. Let’s hope Siege didn’t take all the fight out of the heroes because they’ll surely be needed!



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