Wednesday is for Nazi-Punching!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Time is all out of whack in real life this week, as well as the DCU and 616 on account of the Memorial Day weekend here in the United States of America. Most of DC’s titles are slated to come out today while Marvel has listed tomorrow as the release for their titles. ANGST ANGST ANGST!

In any case, since my DC bias is showing quite a bit this week anyways, I thought I’d post our weekly rundown today!

The big one for me this week is Brightest Day #3 because I feel like the event is getting past the exposition in general and into some more involved plot. The last issue of Green Lantern made it clear that though this might be a brand new day, the light that’s shining could prove to be too intense for the universe to handle. In the same way that Blackest Night was a crisis of emotion, the death of feeling, maybe Brightest Day is a crisis in its own way, that which happens when there is an overabundance of life and sensation. And how can anyone not be excited for Aliveman v. Anti-Monitor?!

(Cover by Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

Okay, so we all know how this ends because they ‘spoiled’ the ending two months ago in JLA but Justice Society of America #39 on sale this week should be a BLAST as Mr. Terrific’s Nazi-smashing plan comes to fruition! Who will fall and how will they manage to save Obsidian and get back to the present, reversing all the atrocities the Fourth Reich has committed? We know they will but the journey is always what makes the story count. JSA = love(, actually).

Then we have the newer team of JSA members dealing with the death of Damage during Blackest Night in JSA All-Stars #7. While certainly not the most popular book I feel like this team could go to amazing places after they have finally sloughed off the weight of Magog’s character. With the new event going on and this low point happening, I think it’s high time for an All-Stars revival! The title is worth picking up if only for the co-feature, such a wonderful formula having Liberty Belle, Hourman, Icicle & Tigress forced together for a common goal.

A new title I’m glad to have given a chance to is iZombie. The second issue should provide the answers and clarity that weren’t quite there for me in the first issue but hey, with art this gorgeous and a story this quirky, I’m willing to buy quite a few issues no matter what. It’s just that refreshing. It’s like the fourth Fantana or something and well worth your time and coinage.



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