Thursday is for Thanos?

(Cover by Alan Davis, Marvel Comics)

Marvel is being a special snowflake this week by slating sales for Thursday but they have quite a bevy of titles that should make it well worth the wait!

To truly re-energize the Avengers and enter this Heroic Age, it’s going to take a lot more than hand shaking and joke cracking to get the rifts between these old friends healed and harmony achieved again. With almost a decade of trouble, arguments and violence separating the Big 3, it takes a series like Avengers: Prime to have them believably together once more.

(Cover by Aleksi Briclot, Marvel Comics)

The Thanos Imperative starts Marvel’s big summer event and anytime you’re using Thanos as a weapon against a foe, you know shit got real. Looks like everyone (and I do mean everyone, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, etc. as well as the big guns) will be facing the menace of an invading universe that knows no death. Plenty of deep-space action to sate anyone’s palate and more angry death gods than you can shake a zombie at.

Darkstar and the Winter Guard looks to be re-visitation of Russia’s own kind-of-Avengers! You had me at angry bear man but with David Gallaher and Steve Ellis topping the bill creatively, it’s sure to be a deftly crafted adventure. Dare I hope for rip-roaring? I DARE.

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #1 is certainly nothing like any other book at all. Never has anyone thought to pair an expert marksman with his blonde, physically powerful girlfriend in a superhero comic. Of course, I’m kidding about the similarities between Green Arrow/Black Canary and this book but I don’t know much about their Marvel mirrors. Everyone who’s read much Marvel seems to love Hawkeye to death and back and I’m hearing nothing but happy anticipation for this book. I liked the formula in DC but maybe Marvel can pull it off to even higher public acclaim!

Heralds #1 means it’s ladies’ night in the 616! An old herald (get it?) of Galactus died defending the galaxy but left a part of her soul behind. This is one pissed off soulshard when it resurfaces and starts wreaking hell and havoc on the earth again. Vague resurrections are in the forecast for this 5-issue weekly title. Quite a feat for any creative team. I’m looking forward to them all!



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