Marvel’s Joe Quesada, New CCO

CCO Joe Quesada;


Former Current Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada has been named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

But not without a PRICE!!! DUN DUN DUN! Not really. He will remain E-in-C as well continuing to bring about what he’s been bringing about for the past decade.

This move much like the mousey move a few months ago a-la Disney, has not gone without some ridicule from Marvel fans. We the people, at MaD,  don’t really have a big issue with him being CCO.

Just continue giving us what we want; more Second Coming, more Heroic Age [More gay Colossus] and more great art, and we will golden shower you with praise. And by you, we mean Marvel as a whole. It takes a village, right ladies?

Check out Marvel News for the story and tell us what you think about the comments below it. Are you an angry Marvel Fan, or do you think all of this is heading in the right direction?

-MaD Team

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