A Regular Wednesday, Hallelujah!

Aww yeah, we’re back to normal publishing this week! So it’s with much joy that I’m putting up our usual rundown of the weekly titles we’re interested in!

(Cover by Adi Granov, Uncanny X- Men 525, Marvel Comics)

I’m so ready for the 10th chapter of Second Coming (Uncanny X-Men #525), I don’t think I can handle it.  Hope’s getting all glow-y, Cable’s team might not make it back & the beleaguered mutants remaining are probably doomed by Bastion’s Portal o’ Pain. Will we see Hope manifest her powers or is it a trick of the light?

The second installment of the X-Men in Limbo! adventure hits shelves as X-Men: Hellbound #2. With Gambit possessed by some demonic entity and the rest of the task force outgunned and outnumbered, it’s not looking like we’ll get our happy ending. Magik could be anywhere but let’s hope her shining soul vibrator can help them fend off their demonic foes and get the group back home in time for supper!

(Cover by Mike Mckone, Avengers Academy #1, Marvel Comics)

Alright, the third of four new Avengers titles is hitting us this week! Avengers Academy #1 starts off the next generation of Big A’s and their journey to becoming full-fledged freedom fighters! I think many people connect with the ‘teen’ books because we’ve all experienced that time in life when hormones are raging and we’re vividly experiencing the world for ourselves for the first time. I’ve got big expectations for the book, can’t wait to give it a go!

Keeping with the new-generation-of-heroes theme, we’re also getting Young Allies #1! Now this book I feel could be a major dark horse (akin to Runaways) or miss the mark and fall flat. This eclectic cast of characters with all of their own baggage could make for fantastic reading if it’s done properly. I think the creators can make it happen.

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #2 makes its way to comic shops everywhere this week & it’s a title I’m decidedly picking up. Aaron M and myself have a few reservations about the first issue, while Rueben loves the art (as mentioned in our last episode of MaD) so we’re all going into this one with different perceptions. I think they can touch on some interesting thematic elements with this X-ploration of xenophobia (I did something there. DID YOU SEE IT?) but time will tell.

Love him or not, we’re all of us fans of most Judd Winick work and I’m really feeling that love potion #9 with the JLI Reformed story stemming from Brightest Day. Justice League: Generation Lost #3 continues the story as Maxwell Lord is systematically putting our erstwhile heroes on the run from their once friends and family. With Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle) mysteriously connected to the group, the plot continues to thicken, just how we like it.

Titans #24 features Deathstroke’s evil Titans targeting Lex Luthor. The mystery of why so many misguided terrors have been shepherded under Slade’s watchful eye has yet to be revealed but my interest is there. I’m tagging along mostly for any Brightest Day answers to be found but I wouldn’t hate myself for liking where this book is going. I may even find myself liking Osiris if they dial down the whine a few thousand notches from his 52 days. It’s always nice to see underused characters (as these villains are) find the light of print.



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