MaD Episode 18: Astonishing Academia!


2 thoughts on “MaD Episode 18: Astonishing Academia!

  1. The Starz season of Torchwood is technically the 4th series. There were two regular series, and then BBC considered the five episode mini, Children of Earth, to be the third series. That leads us to the 2011 Starz/BBC collab, which will be the fourth series.

  2. Kaare Andrews butchered Astonishing X-Men in this issue. It was ridiculously atrocious. I hated it! It was sloppy and lazy. To even *dare* call that crap “art” is a joke. It kept distracting me from the story. I couldn’t pay attention to what was happening, because I had to keep stopping and telling Windiebird “This is horrible!” In my opinion, I mean.

    Rueben, you should read iZombie. There’s a Were character. A cute guy who is a Were. But not a werewolf. Something adorable. At least borrow Windiebird’s to give it a try.

    Justice is Vance Astrovik –

    Great job! That was the best episode yet, technically speaking!

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