World-class Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we hope your World Cup team is doing well! OR DO WE?! May your vuvuzelas be cacophonous and mighty, in any case. While we love a good ball bouncing, it’s comics that have us truly excited this week!

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

Batman Beyond #1 begins the 6-issue re-launch/reboot/re-imagining of the book based on the fantastic animated show of the same name. If you haven’t seen the show, you’re very much missing out. While I haven’t personally checked out the 30 or so issues of tie-in comic books in the past, I’m excited to jump on board now. Terry McGinnis (the future Batman) must find a criminal hunting down Bruce Wayne’s old nemeses. I’d love to see the franchise get some energizing life breathed back into it, this one’s not to be missed!

Birds of Prey #2 continues Gail Simone’s triumphant return to the title and you should be on this like beard on Odin. Even if you find Benes’ art a little “cheesecake-y” at times, it’s undeniably a lovely picture he paints. A very solid story arc coming out of Brightest Day and plenty of mystery in front of us!

Speak of the devil, Brightest Day #4 comes to us this week with (hopefully) more answers! The Hawks going to Hawkworld, Firestorm making gay babies together and the White Light still yanking Aliveman around by his invisible chain. Remember that the series has to cover a broad range of characters and stories, it’s really still in its introductory pages!

DC Universe Legacies #2 continues the 10-part series detailing the history of the DC universe. Quite a tall order and done very ably in the first issue. I wouldn’t say I had died and gone to comics heaven but I’m more than happy to keep up with this title. A little history never hurt anyone!

(Cover by Adi Granov, Marvel Comics)

New Mutants #14 is our Second Coming title this week! It’s chapter 11 and Hope is pretty damn pissed at one Mr. Scott Summers for potentially killing her father. Will her duet with Rogue end up activating her mutant power? Will unleashing Legion on the Nimrods be the mutants’ undoing? There’s a solemn silence as we await the fate of the dwindling superiors.

New Avengers #1 is our final new, new Avengers title! This will be my first time reading the book so I hope I’m not missing out on too much history. The Thing, Luke Cage, Jewel, Spider-Man & Wolverine all together for the greater good. How will they connect with the other teams and what does Steve Rogers have in mind for these heroes?

(Cover by Phil Noto, Aspen Comics)

Mindfield #1 gets a cover shot from me because the preview was fantastic! I love J.T. Krul on Oliver Queen, I can wrap my head around his Roy Harper and I can easily follow along with his creator-owned characters in Mindfield! Set in a just-post-9/11 world, the CIA has clandestinely (and successfully) created psychic agents to handle the new age of terrorism we find ourselves in. The secrets and shadows falling on these mental giants might break them beyond repair before they can do any good for the world. A thriller with a sci-fi twist, definitely give this one your attention if that sounds like your genre!



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