Back to the X-Future

(Cover by Adi Granov, Marvel Comics)

X-Men Legacy #237 is our Second Coming installment this week! It’s Chapter 12 and the mutants are on their last leg in our current timeline AND in the future. It’s all coming down to Cypher and the X-Force to put a halt to the unending assault of Bastion’s Sentinel forces. Couldn’t be a darker time for our hapless heroes, I’m on pins and needles with this one!

X-Factor #206 is the third and final X-Factor tie-in for Second Coming. It’s Trask and the Mutant Response Division against the fully assembled team of X-Factor! The first two issues of this convinced me to begin picking up the series after the dust settles, if that tells you anything! Some mayhem-for-hire is sure to go down and we could all use a little more gay mutant in the world.

(Cover by John Romita, Jr., Marvel Comics)

It’s Wonder Man vs. the Avengers in Avengers #2 this week! With Kang’s shocking revelation last month and one Avenger still to join the team, it’s anybody’s guess as to how this will play out. Let’s hope those evil Avengers Jr. don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

The women of Marvel have the safety of the universe in their hands this week in Heralds #4! We have an all-star cast of the best and brightest women in the 616 against an old herald of Galactus!

The marvelous aqua lady gets some one-shot attention with Namora #1 and this princess packs a mean punch! She has found a wayward clan of Atlanteans but before she can get them to their new home, she has to go through The Kraken!



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