It’s Easy Being Green!

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

So you may have heard of this Green Arrow fellow? Maybe? Have I mentioned him before, I feel like I have. Anyways, I speak of it here because Green Arrow #1 comes out today!!! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, my personal hero is back in his own book and coming out (I wish) strong! With the White Lantern giving Star City a verdant gift and Oliver Queen’s trial shaking his life to pieces, how will the Emerald Archer recover? Plenty of action and mystery are sure to abound in this new series! READ IT FOR JESUS!

It’s Green vs. Red in this week’s The Rise of Arsenal #4, the final installment of the mini-series. Roy is on a rampage in his quest for vengeance and we can only hope that Ollie can put a stop to him. This will change the Arrow family forever and finalize Arsenal’s path for the coming years. A frightening prospect to be sure with the dark places he’s been going.

(Cover by Stephane Roux, DC Comics)

Zatanna #2 comes at us like a whiff of fresh air. One of the truly bright beginnings for DC’s Brightest Day, the second issue puts our heroine in perilous danger as Brother Night sics the demon Fuseli on her as she slumbers! San Francisco has never been sexier and magic has never looked so easy, you must be reading this!

Justice League: Generation Lost #4 continues as the former JLI (plus one baby Blue Beetle) are pushed around the world, through portals and painful revisions, to some dastardly end that only Maxwell Lord knows. The heroes may have found salvation in the knowledge that some artificially intelligent beings remain unaffected but will it be enough to reverse the damage done? We’re sure to find out soon!

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

It’s showdowns at sundown in American Vampire #4! Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet are both closing in on the vengeance they feel so strongly entitled to but nothing ever comes easy for this new breed of vampire. Scott Snyder & Stephen King are both writing phenomenal stories, definitely worth catching up on if you haven’t checked it out yet!

What’s wrong with the Alpha Lanterns of Oa in Green Lantern Corps #49? We’re about to find out as John Stewart, Kyle Rayner & Ganthet are muscled into joining their brainwashed ranks. Who’s behind it all and what’s the connection to Brightest Day? It’s a storyline that’s picking up steam from Blackest Night, I’m curious but not yet personally invested. I have faith that time will change that.

(Cover by Andy Kubert, DC Comics)

The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 is our halfway point on the Big, Bad Bat’s return to the present. Yep, he’s a pirate. A PIRATE FOR JUSTICE! An interesting series that I’m missing now but hope to pick up as a trade.

The Legion of Super-Heroes #2 has Saturn Girl looking for her missing (or possibly dead) children and a Legionnaire deciding between the Green Lantern Corps or the Legion itself! Drama for these intrepid, re-rebooted heroic folk!


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