Pesky Lanterns

(Cover by Mark Bagley & Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

Justice League of America #46 is the big one this week as the five-part JLA/JSA crossover The Dark Things kicks off! The Starheart has gone berserk causing magic on Earth to truly run wild. Strange weather patterns and randomly appearing metahumans are just the tip of the glowing, green iceberg that is the power of the Starheart unleashed! A trip to the Shadow Lands is in the future for the Lantern family but where will it leave them once the dust is settled?

(Cover by Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

Justice Society of America #40 finally catches up our favorite Society to the present day! Mr. Terrific’s plan to save the past and the future comes to its crashing conclusion with plenty of nazi-punchin’ action! A teammate returns to save the day but we can only wait to see if they all make it back whole. Just in time for Alan Scott to go bonkers!

Batman Beyond #1 starts us off once more with Terry McGinnis’ tale as the future Batman! As we’ve mentioned before, an unknown foe is targeting Bruce Wayne’s villains and it’s up the NeoGotham Knight to find out why. Looks like it’ll be all-gorgeous & all-genius creatively, don’t miss it!

The Flash #3 has Barry Allen facing down an all-too-familiar scene, his own death! The Renegades are still after him for the murder of Mirror Monarch but what could it all mean? Plenty of mystery still lies ahead (as is Geoff Johns’ way) but it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Green Lantern #55 pits Lobo against Atrocitus! Nothing good can come of these two hotheads beating up on each other but it’s up to Hal Jordan to save them from themselves (not to mention the rest of us). Hector Hammond returns to the scene so that he might join the New Guardians. Who can say what’s going on in the gigantic brain of his? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

(Cover by Mark Djurdjevic, Marvel Comics)

Secret Avengers #2 continues this space spy story as the team digs deeper into the mystery of the Roxxon Mars drill site and the connection it has to the secret society revealed in the first issue. No one likes to have their mind-controlled and it’s even worse when it’s Nova going rogue! Let’s hope our heroic Avengers can save the day. Quietly.

Don’t forget that Mindfield #1 actually comes out today as well, absolutely a promising series if ever I’ve seen one!



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