Wonder Pants!

(art by Jim Lee, DC Comics)

(Click on the picture for the full effect, you’ll want to see every detail!)

So the initial hubbub about Diana’s costume change has passed and I wanted to share my opinion on her new duds and the direction she’s headed in.

For the costume, just call me Dr. Love because I’m feeling this look. Could the jacket be designed a little differently? Sure. Is it completely different and new? Absolutely!

Maybe this isn’t exactly the change purists and diehard fans were looking for but I think it could go to some amazing places. The new, urban background for Lady Di could end up hindering the character more than allowing for growth but it opens so many doors!

I think at the end of the day, we can all agree that this is a bold move that at least has serious potential. It doesn’t mean the execution will play out as it should but at least there’s change we can believe in.

I’m going to be picking up the book now, just to give this a chance. I’ve never read Wonder Woman, directly, in my life (which I’m not proud of). I’m glad to make that change today!



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