Hawks, Ghosts & Blood

(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams, DC Comics)

Deadman is getting some answers (as well as bringing the LIVE powers everywhere) in Brightest Day #5 while the Hawks and the Aquapeople get themselves further into trouble. The cost of their new lives in the realm of the living is slowly revealing itself, leading to the pivotal (at least promised to be pivotal) issue 7. Mera getting her RAGE on can only lead to happy things.

(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)

JSA All-Stars #8 finally, finally sets the All-Star team on its own new course! After dealing with the split from the larger JSA, losing a home and two teammates as well as the general fallout from Blackest Night I feel like this could be the start of a new era for the team. So, I won’t lie, the artwork is very…stylized. I feel no strong connection to how the main feature is drawn but the characters! The creative team has been tweaking the All-Stars back and forth and I think time will show that they’ve struck gold. We shall see!

(Cover by Michael Allred, Vertigo Comics)

Dead Fred is still on Gwen’s mind in iZombie #3 and the ghosts, vampires & were terriers aren’t taking any of the pressure off of our zombie heroine! The deadly paintball course, the relentless hunters and a best friend who needs her constant attention aren’t going to make this an easy solve. Again, gorgeous artwork and story work! What more could one ask of a comic?



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