Birds of a Bloody Feather

(Cover by Cliff Chiang, DC Comics)

Somebody buy Dinah some new fishnets STAT! Birds of Prey #3 has the Birds limping away from their battle with the White Canary, doing all they can not to lose a life! The Penguin is temporarily on the team and helping our heroines reclaim their lives. Or at least catch a breath before they’re wiped off the map completely!

(Cover by Tony Harris & J.D. Mettler, DC Comics)

Just what in the hot hell does Maxwell Lord want with the “reformed” JLI? Justice League: Generation Lost #5 comes out this week and maybe the murderous mastermind doesn’t have a grudge against the team after all. He clearly needs them for something but it’s anyone’s guess now. All these wonderful, interesting people in one book gets my attention any day of the week.

(Cover by Fabrizio Fiorentino, DC Comics)

Titans #25 has the new team (now with 100% more evil!) targeting Lex Luthor. With an Osiris/Deathstroke showdown being the highlight of the issue, I’m reading along for the Brightest Day information we’ll glean from this story. Not to say I won’t enjoy where this could go…I’m just not sure why it all happened, you know? Anyways, it’s decidedly a book I’m getting today!



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