X Men 1st Class; Do I smell Bacon?

Kevin Bacon by Martin Schoeller

It seems that cramming as many seasoned actors into one movie is the way Matthew Vaugn is going with X Men 1st Class. Kevin Bacon is set to play an undisclosed villain opposite McAvoy and Fassbender [Xavier and Magneto] in the prequal set to come out in June of 2011. I would make some joke about six degrees of Kevin Bacon…but that would be more appropriate of it was another Spiderman movie. “Spiderman and the Sinister Six-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon. See what I did there?

Also nineteen year oldĀ Jennifer Lawrence of 2010 Winter’s Bone is set to play a young Mystique. With all of these mutants coming out of the woodwork it really is a gamble as to how this movie is going to be recieved by audiences. Not to get all uber bitch-matic but isn’t there already some time line issues here?


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