Avenging Lights!

(Cover by John Romita, Jr., Marvel Comics)

Time is broken in this week’s Avengers #3 and it’s up to the original A’s to make it right! While Kang came back with a warning for the Avengers, he’s not know for his helpful assists. If the last panels from issue 2 were any indication, he’s being bullied into working for the evil new gen Avengers from the future. Mystery abounds but how will this broken timeline affect the Marvel U, even if the Avengers can make it right once more?

New Avengers #2 puts the other big team in mystical danger as Brother Voodoo is under attack! Magic is changing once again and the Sorcerer Supreme has entrusted one of the most important artifacts to the NA before they can even set up shop. Just another day in the life, right? Maybe not my favorite of the new Avengers titles but it could very well start to wow me with this issue!

(Cover by David Yardin, Marvel Comics)

That’s not Lady Loki on the cover of X-Factor #207, right? I don’t think it is but X-Factor is back to its own storyline with a new green client! Babies, Shatterstar and the band all together once again! It’s high times for the mercenary mutants if they can survive this issue!

(Cover by Leinil Francis Yu, Marvel Comics)

Pretty sure that’s a bad touch, Magneto. He’s like caressing her ovaries or something, GEEZ. X-Men Legacy #238 puts Rogue and Magneto on a path to Mumbai as Indra’s parents request his return to India. All is not as it seems when they arrive. Unexplained earthquakes and storm cells abound, could it be a connection to the Five Lights or something else? It’s nice to see the only Jain mutant get a little page-time regardless!



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