(Cover by David Finch & Scott William, DC Comics)

Brightest Day #6 grants us some damn answers! Well, that’s the idea anyways. The full price of the resurrections (if all those deaths and Black Lantern drippings weren’t a clue) will become clear to the Returnees. Deadman learns more about the White Lantern and it looks like Martian Manhunter gets some special attention this issue. The series has turned off many but I think there’s still plenty of hope left in the Brightest Day.

(Cover By Mark Bagley & Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

I am way too excited for this crossover! Justice Society of America #41 is part two of the REAL Lantern crossover and the Starheart is making the Scott’s go bonkers! Please get in on this JLA/JSA event, there isn’t a better time to jump on board. Magic, mayhem and some of my favorite characters all in one book. Love it!

(Cover by Stephane Roux, DC Comics)

It’s Night vs. Zatara in Zatanna #3! The bad Brother is targeting Zatanna’s closest friends and she won’t take that lying down (in her amazingly plush bedding). A magical battle is going down in the sexy streets of San Francisco and it’s sure to be breathtaking.

Batman Beyond #2 has Terry getting up in Catwoman’s (well, a Catwoman’s) grill about the old Batman’s foes becoming the targets of his mysterious foe. I have yet to be grabbed by the story, honestly, but very nicely drawn so far.

The Silver Age is upon us in DC Universe Legacies #3! The original JSA and co. have stepped down and now the heroes more commonly loved nowadays come to the forefront. Not to be missed for any fan of DC. Really a beautiful, simple tableau of the DCU timeline.



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