SDCC and Beyond!

We were not able to attend the San Diego Comic Con, but we do have some SDCC updates.  First off Batman Beyond will be returning to comics some time in the future, once the current miniseries wraps. 

Art by Dustin Nguyen

In other DC news Grant Morrison will take on the character Captain Marvel in a title called Thunder World.  Morrison will also be writing for a new Bat-title which will team Batman with many unlikely allies, called Batman INC.  Then Geoff John announced Bightest Day will not be the end to the events of Blackest Night, there will be another story arc after Brightest Day.  Plus we will be seeing a Green Lantern video game and a Suicide Squad video game.

In Marvel news it’s finally official Joss Whedon will be directing the Avengers movie.  Also there will be a new X-title called Generation Hope.  This title will focus on Hope and the five new mutants born at the end of the Second Coming story arc.  This is a break down of what has happened thus far, we will try to keep you updated as always.

-Aaron M


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