SDCC Assemble!

San Diego Comic Con has delivered some more amazing news, so here are some more SDCC updates.  The big news that’s got every one talking is two more Avengers have been cast, Mark Ruffalo has been officially been cast as the Hulk and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

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In Smallville news both Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be appearing in episodes, according to Geoff Johns.  Also Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan will be making her debut comic book appearance in Action Comics #893. 

 In animation news, Young Justice comic book writer Peter David will be writing some episodes of the Young Justice animated series.  It also has been revealed that Superman and Wonder Woman will be appearing on upcoming episodes of Batman The Brave and the Bold.  If that wasn’t cool enough there is also going to be a new animated Batman series. 

In video game news more characters have been revealed that will appear in Marvel Vs Capcom 3.  Among several returning characters it has been revealed Thor, Okami, Super Skrull, and Trish from Devil May Cry are among some of the playable characters.

In comic news Wildstorm will be releasing a God of War comic book.  Also Grant Morrison revealed in Batman Inc. the silver age Kathy Kane will make an appearance.  Finally my favorite news, the Runaways will be making more appearances in the Marvel universe, which will ultimately lead to something big.  Hopefully this will lead to another series.

-Aaron M


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