International Vampire Fishnets

(Cover by Adi Granov & Paco Medina, Marvel Comics)

X-Men #2 is Marvel’s big interest for me this week and I’m not quite sure how to feel about that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still riding the high off of Second Coming and loving the recent Five Lights issue of Uncanny. Blade is in town to fight the vampires here and it could be good or bad for our team. The team that is slowly turning into vampires… Anyways, I’m giving this X-Men story a go as well but I just don’t see the appeal of Mutants vs. Vampires. Could just be me though and LaForge knows the art is worth the price! X-Men is a must-buy for so many for a reason, I’m sure I’ll see the light before too long.

(Cover by Alina Urusov, DC Comics)

Speaking of getting a SPIKE TO THE FACE. White Canary is so hardcore her hair wants to stab you. That is the hair of vengeance. Which is only a fraction of why Gail Simone’s new run on Birds of Prey is completely awesome and something you should get on board with while you can! Don’t worry if you’ve never read an issue, you can start at #1 here, I promise! As usual, the art is expressive but ass-y and the script is perfectly paced and lovingly crafted. Come on, you know you’d kill for those fishnets!

Zatanna #4 has our mistress of magic going toe-to-toe with a new, zanier Royal Flush Gang! She’s hot in Vegas (or anywhere, let’s be honest) but a side order of cousinly trouble is sure to give her a Zachary-sized headache. Beautiful comic all around!

(Cover by Tony Harris and J.D. Mettler, DC Comics)

Generation Lost #7, y’all! The team is re-assembled and attacking Max Lord in his new Checkmate citadel! Judd Winick is all over this story and if you have reservations about him, rest assured he’s on point here. I would love to see this team continue after this story arc ends but time will tell. The drama is here, the quirk is here, the twists are here. The JLI is back in style.

Hey, so there’s another Brightest Day book to buy! Woo, right? Emerald Warriors #1 tells the story of Guy Gardner and Atrocitus on a secret mission to the Uncharted Sectors of the universe. It could very much be Magog All Over Again but I have faith in Brightest Day now (especially after issue 7). But seriously, if it’s just Guy and Atrocitus “sword fighting” it’s going in the recycling. Or is it going in a frame? Choose your own adventure.



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