Smallville Gets An Upgrade!

James Marsters will be returning for Smallville’s 200th episode, but not as the Brainiac we have seen in past episodes.  It is rumored that Marsters will be making his return as Brainiac 5, the Brainiac of the 30th Century.  In the comics he is the descendent of Brainiac and is trying to atone for the evil acts the Brainiacs before him had committed.  Brainiac 5 is a 12th level intellect who’s inventions and intelligence have made him  a valued member of The Legion of Super Heroes.  In the comic he has also done some questionable things so who knows if he will portrayed as a villain or hero.  It should be interesting to see how they work Brainiac 5 into the show and to see if there will be any change in Marsters appearance. I don’t know if they should make him green because he might end up looking like Piccolo from his performance in the Dragon Ball movie.

-Aaron M 

Art by Barry Kitson


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