Just J(anet)SA

(Cover by Mark Bagley & Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

It’s the Justice Conglomerate versus the Starheart in JSA #42 this week! Even their might won’t cut it, though, so who better to lend a light-sucking hand than Shade? If you’ve been hoping for a point to catch up with the current JSA OR the JLA I’d start with this crossover. Well drawn and both books are well scripted.

(Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Dave Gibbons, DC Comics)

The Teen Titans are taking over in DCU Legacies #4! The Silver Age had babies and they’re kicking ass…in green faerie boots! Seriously, I couldn’t be happier to watch DC discover the greatest love of all. It’s all about the in-house love and it’s splendidly done.

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Brightest Day #8 not only features one fine, feathered lady as the A cover but a host of delicious answers as well! I won’t spoil the turning points in issue 7 but let’s just say that this stuff got some serious kinds of real! Who is the White Entity (I mean…let’s not do those jokes, I guess?) and is Boston Brand Deadman enough to make things right? The Hawks are getting bloody on Hawkworld, Firestorm is…an unstable nuclear disaster waiting to happen, J’onn is hot on the trail of the Martian murders & Aquaman is plumbing Mera’s depths. And the mysteries of Mera’s depths. In all honesty, this series is completely worth it now! To all the naysayers, I promise things have been made right.

Batman Beyond #3 puts us squarely halfway into the new mini-series. I would say that this might be a better trade purchase than individual issue purchase if you haven’t bought into it yet. Plenty of enjoyable action but neither the story or art is making me jump for joy. Worth the money if you’re a fan of the show, though, of course.

(Cover by Ardian Syaf, DC Comics)

Cyborg Superman and the Qwardians! If you didn’t think Brightest Day meant “Silver Age redo”, you weren’t following along! The Alpha Lanterns have been corrupted in Green Lantern Corps #51 and it’s up to Hannu to save our beleaguered Lanterns from cyborg-erization. For not having read more than an issue of this series, I’m surprising myself with how excited I am to follow along. A nice comic with some interesting Brightest Day connections.



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