Worldmind Wearing Turtlenecks

(Cover by Mike McKone, Marvel Comics)

The kids come face-to-face with the man responsible for their acceptance into the Raft in Avengers Academy #3! Norman Osborn is widely accepted as one hyper-troubled douchenozzle but I think one of the most heinous things he did during Dark Reign was mess with these kids’ lives. We get Hazmat’s origin story and a Scared Straight visit from the Thunderbolts! I love my teenagers angsty, volatile & ultimately likable. This might just be my Avengers book!

(Cover by Stuar Immonen, Marvel Comics)

New Avengers #3 continues the mystical beatdown of the 616 and it hasn’t been pretty so far! Reality is crumbling apart and neither Strange nor Voodoo seem to be able to stop this devilish usurper! Attractive art and a humorous bent to a seriously crafted story. Another solid Avengers title.

(Cover by Mark Djurdjevic, Marvel Comics)

Secret Avengers #4 winds down the first arc of the secret space Avengers and I’m getting it today with mixed feelings. The art has been downright delicious at times but the story just hasn’t grabbed me yet. I love to see Beast (even if he’s being a covert operative with a huge A on his chest) at any time but even with all the action and well-plotted story, nothing is making me want to keep on going, you know? Ah well, I’m not the Marvel guy, so what do I know?

(Cover by Sara Pichelli, Marvel Comics)

You got me, Marvel! While the Women of Marvel line/imprint can sometimes be awfully anti-woman, you give me a cover of a super-heroine working it out or kicking some ass and I’m in! This is the variant cover, by the way, but the issue itself is sure to have plenty of Emma Frosting as we see her getting face-nasty with Namor. Mmmm, seaweed breath. The Five Lights are coming forth as Hope travels the globe, I guess finalizing whatever change she activated in these new mutants? Uncanny X-Men #527 is sure to keep the love-party going from Second Coming, even if the new X-Men series itself is leaving me a little high and dry.



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