Arrows On The Brain

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

What can I say, I’m a little biased! But for good reason since J.T. Krul has done a bang up job on Green Arrow two issues in. Really, I think he and editorial had differences on Rise of Arsenal causing some of the odd scripting choices. Everything else he touches I’m in love with! It’s green on green this week as the Martian Manhunter descends upon the new Star Forest! More mysteries of the White Lantern trees reveal themselves as well and Ollie might not belong as much to the forest as he originally thought. Plenty of good comic right here!

(Cover by Mark Bagley & Jesus Merino, DC Comics)

The Dark Things concludes in this week’s JLA! Will Jadesidian and Alan Scott be stayin’ alive once the JSA/JLA super team tames the wild Starheart once again? A connection to the Brightest Day events crops up here as well and it might not be the obvious threat to the earth causing the real harm. Very fun way to get the teams re-energized for this brand new direction. Definitely check this one out.

(Cover by Tony Harris & J.D. Mettler, DC Comics)

Who could mention the Justice League without talking about the shaky new (and perfectly penned!) incarnation of the International team? With everyone on board and gunning for Max, you’d think they’d finally get to the bottom of the mystery…but alas, our Checkmate king is no foolish prey. Are they playing into his game or beating Lord to the punch? Judd Winick has really hit a sweet spot with these characters, get in on this!

(Cover by John Romita Jr., Marvel Comics)

It’s a multi-publisher post as Tony Hawk stares into your eyes, smoldering and angry. Yes, future-Tony-Stark may be a grumpy gus but no one reading the new Avengers title should be! Bendis is definitely doing it like Beckham for this series and putting out exactly what a team-up story should be. No place for much individual characterization here but SO much humor and exciting group dynamic that it isn’t required. Time may be broken but that won’t stop the Avengers from getting Kang and the evil Avengers babies that sent him! Absolutely a must-buy.

Other noteworthy but less eye-catching titles:

X-Campus #3, another successful re-imagining of the X-Men! This has my attention more than the vampire stories, to be perfectly honest.

Namor: The First Mutants #1, assholes and fish! Fun combo or the MOST FUN combo?

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants – Storm & Gambit, everybody’s stealing stuff, y’all! It’s for the greater good though, so bow to the goddess, mon cheri.



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