The Children Have One Bright Month To Live!

(Cover by Jimmy Cheung, Marvel Comics)

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2 finally hits us right where we like it! X-Men vs. Avengers and the Young Avengers caught in the dramatic crossfire? Sign me up! We get some answers about the Scarlet Witch’s disappearance after the events of M-Day and the kids get closer to their goal of finding Wiccan and Speed’s real parent(s?). With such a fantastic start to this mini-series, this is sure to be topping the bill every week I can get my hands on it!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Brightest Day #9 SHOULD finally have J’onn show his pretty, green face in Star City as well as the big reveal of the new Aqualad’s powers! More White Lantern mysteries abound in New Mexico too, this stuff is getting pretty good, folks.

(Art by Andrea Mutti & Koi Turnbull, Marvel Comics)

Now, I think I admit often enough that I’m not really a huge Marvel Universe reader. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a hatred thing. I just don’t find myself as drawn to the 616 stories. When something as creative as Heroic Age: One Month To Live come along, though, you have my full attention! Dennis Sykes has one month to live and an accidental dosage of super-powers to accompany his impending doom! Can this average Joe make a difference in just five weeks? I’m excited to find out how well this creative team can pull the idea off!

(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)

JSA All-Stars #10 marks the continued upward spiral for the All-Stars! I feel like now that the characters have a real chance just to breathe and grow as themselves without being rushed around by events or crossovers, it’s starting to shine. The drug-gods of Parador (See?! You should read this!) are up against Power Girl this week as King Chimera reveals more of his past in Cyclone’s recovery room. The back-up feature has two more issues to go then it’ll be even more space for the All-Stars to get their development on!

Other titles of interest include:

Freedom Fighters #1, America! Fuck yeah!

iZombie #5, Gwen and her Scoobies are amazing! One of my favorite books right now!

Wolverine #1 & Wolverine: Road to Hell, Logan is the new Deadpool and I’m not a fan of that.

X-Men: Curse of the Mutants – Smoke & Blood, it’s the X-Club’s turn in the spotlight for the Vampires/Mutants throwdown! Love those three so much.

Young Allies #4, didn’t grab me in issue three but I still generally like the characters? It’s a book I feel a little guilty for dropping but drop it I did.



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