Black, Green, Metastasized & Gold

(Cover by Shane Davis & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

It’s another exciting week here at MaD and I can’t apologize enough for slacking in my preview posting! Who doesn’t love a pretty picture to start a Wednesday off right? Let’s get to it with JSA 43! There’s magic on the dark side of the moon (mysterious as the dark side of the moooooooooooon! Anyone? Anyone? Mulan in yo face!) as Alan Scott and son must deal with the aftermath of the Starheart’s possession of the original Green Lantern. We’re left with what looks like a shining, emerald city where the magical and elemental folks of the DCU are mysteriously drawn to. Obsidian is a character I’d love to see back in full swing with the JSA and this tail-end of the Dark Things storyline provides plenty of angst to fuel his shadowy return!

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

Green Arrow 4 continues straight out of Brightest Day 9 (and Compton) as Oliver Queen and J’onn J’onzz deal with the revelation that the forest MM is meant to destroy is on Mars and not Star City! We also continue to learn that the Star Forest is one completely insane place. I don’t know, I’m really digging Brightest Day and all the twists and turns but I’ve started to look forward to the day we just have a regular, ol’ Green Arrow story. J.T. Krul is doing a bang up job for real, though.

(Cover by Mike Fyles, Marvel Comics)

One Month To Live 5 is the end of a fascinating idea from Marvel. I admit that I’m missing out on a lot of probably awesome Marvel stories (Thanos Imperative, Chaos War, etc.) simply because I feel out of my element but this one took my fancy and has paid off in spades four issues into the five-part series. Dennis Sykes has been given incredible matter-manipulating superpowers at the cost of his life. He only has one month in which to make amends with the ones he loves and to try to make his mark on the world. Could it all be a fever dream in the end? Will he actually die? Pick the eventual trade up if you’ve missed this series!

(Cover by Don Kramer & Michael Babinski, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 603 pits our panty heroine against the Keres! Looks like they’re similar to their mythological counterparts (death demons, basically) but I couldn’t tell you if they’ve showed up in the DCU before. I’m starting to get the genius of this Wonder Woman storyline, especially as a new reader to the Amazonian Princess myself. Her eventual return to the regular continuity (plus a few thread changes) should equal a larger readership for her and hopefully a re-energized loyalty in the longtime audience. The changes have certainly ruffled some feathers but I think that’s ultimately a good thing.



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