Werevamps on the Fiery, Lightning-wind!


(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams, DC Comics)


Brightest Day 11 has the return of the Black Lanterns! Well, kinda, but we’ll have to see just how extensive their appearances are. Deathstorm is born to the world and universe-halting power can’t be a good thing in the hands of a lunatic who is ON FIRE! Aqualad has his daddy issues literally fight it out in front of him and Black Manta (who is actually black, just thought that was funny enough to repeat) pushes his nefarious agenda. This second act of Brightest Day is shaping up beautifully so far.


(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)


JSA All-Stars 11 is the conclusion of the “Glory Days” storyline and things are not looking good for Cyclone! The Paradorans are going down (of course, Peeg is on the scene!) but it’s going to cost the All-Stars. It’s also the conclusion of the Liberty Belle/Hourman co-feature as the Staff they’ve finally tracked down may actually spell doom for the world. Those pesky ancients and their doomsday relics! Solid book and only getting better!


(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo)


American Vampire 7 continues Scott Snyder’s triumphant solo stint on the title (following his epic collaboration with Stephen King) as Skinner Sweet becomes the prime suspect in a very vampiric murder case. The detective working it has to deal with a town gone mad, some bizarre meddling from two FBI agents and a chip on his shoulder. How to place chips on shoulders is required in basic training, right? Oh, and of course Skinner is running a House of Ill Repute now. Love Rafael Albuquerque’s are here too!


(Cover by Michael Allred, Vertigo Comics)


iZombie 6 is all about Spot, the were-Terrier (yes, the series is that amazing), as we delve into his furry past! How did he come to be an adorable creature of the night? What terrible secrets lie in his past? Dog shows? Graveyards? MIT? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Chris Roberson & Michael Allred are making this one hell of a comic. Really, a must-buy for anyone.


(Cover by Mike McKone, Marvel Comics)


My favorite band of teenage anti-heroes is in for a bad day in Avengers Academy 5. Striker has always had attention issues (to put it mildly) but his thirst for fame might be putting the Academy at risk this week as they make a public outing, tempting him to get blast-y. Survival might be more important than secrecy though, as Whirlwind comes knocking at Hank Pym’s door for revenge! Justice also gets some sexy face-lip action this week. Jam-packed with super drama and still my favorite new Avengers title!



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