DC Wednesday


(Cover by Rodolfo Migliari, DC Comics)


Emerald Warriors 3 continues the new Green Lantern tale as Guy Gardner and the Throbbing, Red Rockets continue their stop on the Blue Lantern Corps home planet. Brother Ganesha Warth has a special task for our ginger-flavored protagonist but let’s hope it doesn’t delay his arrival in the Unknown Sectors.

Generation Lost 11 splits the newly-minted (and totally lovable) JLI into two groups to track down leads on Maxwell Lord. It’s Beetle, Booster & Atom chasing down a secret OMAC cell while Fire, Ice & Rocket Red take on the Metal Men! Did you know Mercury is the only metal that’s a liquid at room temperature?


(Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy, DC Comics)


Green Lantern 58 is so full of hope, you guys. BRIMMING WITH HOPE! Good thing Marvel can’t copyright an emotion, right? Anyways, the Hope entity finds a human host! Whether that’s a good thing or a bad one we’ve yet to see but the Corps continue to settle around the earth and the White Lantern. Hopefully, the human host isn’t fried to cinders since Hal Jordan is going on some kind of spiritual quest? AND the Spectre is about to lay some serious hurt on the Rage entity. A jam-packed week for the Lanterns!


(Cover by Jesus Merino, DC Comics)


I can never get enough JSA and the JSA 80-Page Giant out this week hits that sweet spot! It’s seven stories about Cyclone, Doctor Fate, Jesse Quick, Mr. Terrific, Obsidian, Sand and Tomcat bein’ all familial and junk. Seriously, these are always a bunch of fun and a good way for even non-readers of the main series to get a glimpse of these characters.


(Cover by Fabrizio Fiorentino, DC Comics)


Titans 28 has the team of anti-heroes (which is a generous term) breaking an Arkham inmate onto the streets of Gotham! Osiris also gets closer to discovering how to finally free Isis. As pretty as the art has been I would suggest this title to Brightest Day completionists only, I’m sorry to say.


(Cover by Tyler Kirkham, DC Comics)


Untold Tales of Blackest Night boasts some pretty awesome ideas that never made it into the main Blackest Night storyline (or the the countless spin-offs generated from it). Ragman’s suit of souls is under attack from Black Lantern rings, Scarecrow gets suuuuuper-creepy as he explores the possibilities of wielding true Fear, Donna Troy finds herself unwillingly taken hostage by the dark light of Death and Animal Man has to deal with the crushing emotional weight of the dying planet! A great October treat!



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