Hulk & Dagger


(Cover by Al Milgrom, Marvel Comics)


The Hulk could be making his way to a TV screen near you! The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Jeph Joeb is making headway in calling forth an Incredible Hulk series from the limitless depths of the Disney pocketbooks. Partnering with Disney’s ABC television channel is a no-brainer for Marvel. With a Wonder Woman series working its way to us, as well as a Blue Beetle teen drama being kicked around, I’m glad to see Marvel stepping in the ring.

A Cloak & Dagger series is slated as second in line for an ABC time slot but would they be the right property for the channel? I’d be more happy to see them on the screen than Hulk, to be perfectly honest, but they seem more like a Shotime duo to me!

Anyways, Marvel’s comin’ at you with their mouse ears in ramming position! Where one of the Big Two goes, the other one follows, right?


(Art by No-Sign-of-Sanity on DeviantArt)




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