Zombies, History & the Technicolor Ragcoat


(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)


Brightest Day 12 has the Black Lanterns bein’ all back and stuff! Was the White Lantern resurrection just a temporary fix? Can the returnees complete their Tasks before it’s too late? Will the new Aqualad get some paternal resolution? Will Deathstorm continue to be from the 90s? Hopefully all will be revealed in this weeks installment of Brightest Day. Almost halfway done already, how time flies!


(Cover by George Perez, DC Comics)


DCU Legacies 6 continues as the Crisis was barely averted! Only in time for the Invasion to hit. The DCU just can’t catch a break! This is a must-read if you like DC in any way shape or form. Every page is a lovingly drawn homage to the comic publisher. The greatest love of all is happening to DC, y’all, and I couldn’t be happier to pick up the results every month.


(Cover by Gene Ha, DC Comics)


*in the tone of a drunk homosexual at a block party* It’s Halloween, bitchezzzzz! This year’s DCU Halloween Special 2010 has heroes and villains alike teaming up to thwart some spooky badness loose on the streets. Solomon Grundy demand candy corns!


(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & Batt, DC Comics)


Green Lantern Corps 53 sheds some light on what Qward’s Weaponer has been up to collecting the remnants of the White Lantern’s energy trail. He’s targeting Sinestro (I mean…who isn’t, really?) for past ills and he won’t be happy until there’s blood shed. Kyle Rayner’s got some bones to pick himself since Soranik’s in the crosshairs!


(Cover by Ethan Van Sciver, DC Comics)


Justice League of America 50 pits the new JLA against the Crime Syndicate thanks to Dr. Impossible and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Jade is still reeling from that preeeeetty icky dualistic identity crisis with her brother AND the Black Lantern inside her won’t let her be. It’s not easy being green.


(Cover by Jesus Saiz, DC Comics)


Ragman: Suit of Souls is a one-shot I’m hoping could turn into a new series. I’ve only recently been introduced to Rory Regan (the current Ragman) in the Shadowpact series but the possibilities inherent in his backstory and setup are endless. You want tasteful angst that delves into the deeply conflicted psychodrama of the human spirit? Look no further than the Suit of Souls! Hundreds of once-vile souls reside in the garment, allowing the possessor to allocate the pain he would feel among them, draw strength from them, etc. so that they might find redemption. Add a healthy dollop of daddy issues and Jewish guilt and you’ve got one hell of a hero.



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