Hope for the Zombie Academy

(Cover by Mike McKone, Marvel Comics)

It’s Reptil’s chance to shine in the spotlight this week in Avengers Academy 6. With Humberto elected team leader, will he crack under the pressure? I mean, the cover makes it pretty clear but still! What lies underneath that sweet exterior? So far, the series has been pure excellence. With Finesse doing her creepy, polymath thing on Quicksilver and another Avengers guest appearance I’m sure this will be another gold-star winner. Still my favorite Avengers title!

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Brightest Day 13 puts us squarely at the center of the mega crossover event and Batman is going to look pretty shnazzy in his wedding cowl! The hunt for the really-real wielder of the White Lantern continues across the earth, the Martian Manhunter remains in psychic peril, Professor Stein is all swirled up in the Deathstorm entity and we finally get another glimpse of Hawkman’s story…with him being betrayed to the enemy! Brightest Day was slow to start and maybe a little broadly planned for some readers but it’s picked up the pace and started to get up and grab me every time a new one hits the shelves.

(Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Marvel Comics)

Generation Hope 1 finally reveals the Fifth Light! Hope’s arrival gave new mutants to the world…but not as simply as they’d appeared before. All had painful transformations that only Hope could soothe and complete in them. The four lights found so far also seem to have a strange, psychic subservience to her as well. The Fifth Light could be a villain or a hero (in Tokyo!) but I’m still more curious about the leading lady herself! I’m excited to give this book a go.

(Cover by Michael Allred, Vertigo Comics)

iZombie 7 is going to be another issue worth $10.99, let alone the $2.99 entry fee it’s priced at. Chris Roberson and Michael Allred have created something truly unique and beautiful. It’s like all the best things of Buffy, Dead Like Me & Scooby Doo blended up and molded into something even more insane and gripping. Gwen has to eat another brain but it’s a familiar one from her youth this time! Ellie and Amon share some tricks of the trade and Spot goes to the comic shop! Galatea gets her mad science on with some corpses and the sensual, woobly-making monster hunters are on the trail of the Mean Girls Vamps. It’s gonna be good!

(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)

In JSA All-Stars 12 Cyclone is left alone on earth while the rest of the team heads into space to confront a new threat! Something’s strange with her new, powerless existence and it’s clear it didn’t happen naturally. Who’s targeting the fastest talking red head in the west? The fallout won’t be pretty if her recent windsplosion is any measure. OKAY GUYS, Freddie Williams II who is a beautiful, radiant human being…is finally off art duties! Fingers crossed for the new art team to pick up  in that department because the story has been a joy so far!



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