The Children Who Prey on Vampires

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 8 is Scott Snyder’s third solo entry in the series and there’s no reason it wont’ be another great one! Skinner Sweet is always raising hell but will Las Vegas continue to provide such a welcome home to him now that he is hunted once again? Pearl has yet to be seen but she could very well be the world’s most dangerous vampire. I dig all the characters but can’t wait to catch up with her again. Rafael Albuquerque has been perfect on art duties so far and this is always a title worth getting.

(Cover by Jim Cheung, Marvel Comics)

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and  Avengers: The Childrens Crusade 3 is the sun, people!!! The wait is finally over for the continuation of this epic series! Mind you, I’m not a big Marvel guy. I have the trades of the Young Avengers series but beyond that, I don’t know the full nuances of the 616 universe engaged here. That said, I’ve loved every micron of this new title and I implore you to be on board if you haven’t checked out the first two issues! It’s a free-for-all for the woman formerly known as Scarlet Witch! Doom, Magneto and the Young and old Avengers all want her goodies but is this woman really Wanda Maximoff? We’re sure to find out!

(Cover by Alina Urusov, DC Comics)

Shiva’s gonna be breaking some bones this week in Birds of Prey 6! Dinah has to clear herself of murder charges, leaving Huntress and Lady Blackhawk to fend off the deadly Lady! Hawk and Dove continue to explore their role in the new world order and what their powers mean to the White Lantern. Let’s hope Hawk is working out his boomerang-catchin’ muscles!

(Cover by Rodolfo Migliari, DC Comics)

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 4 continues the tertiary Green Lantern tale of Kilowog’s junk…I mean Guy Gardner (seriously, try not to look at it on the cover up there). We’re off into the wild, Blue yonder as the team leaves Odym behind. Guy has opted to leave the Red Lantern effects enabled but that can’t have a happy ending for our favorite jerkoff. He’s not my cup of tea but this has been a pretty fun tie-in to the Brightest Day meta event. Worth it if you’re a fan of his character or a completionist.

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

OH MAN! Justice League: Generation Lost 13 should be the issue where Maxwell Lord succeeds or fails at ending Magog’s life! Ol’ ram-face is on a collision course with Captain Atom and only one person is stated to walk away. Lord’s White Lantern task has been the most interesting to me and I can’t wait to get some payoff there! Of course I’m rooting for the Captain too.

(Cover by Fabrizio Fiorentino, DC Comics)

Ah Titans 29, how I wish you weren’t a Brightest Day tie-in. While Batman vs. Deathstroke is a pretty cool (if basic) premise for an issue, this series has yet to grab my attention on its own merits. This goes firmly in the “for Brightest Day completionists only” pile, at least for now. Who knows if this will pick up in the future? It’s nice seeing the Shazam family in some form or another, at the very least.



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