I Am A White Flash!

(Cover by John Romita, Jr., Marvel Comics)

I’ve got a hell and a half of comics to read this week so it’s time for some quick reviews of the previews (as I do…es)! Avengers 7 make Hulk festive and red? To a non-Hulk-reader this is neither enticing or uninviting. It’s been a fun ride up to this point so why not, right? Pretty as ever.

(Cover by David Finch, DC Comics)

Look at that GQ mofo on the cover of Brightest Day 14! Could Bats be the White Knight? J’onn is out of his mind on Mars, the Firestorm(s) are playing catchup to Deathstorm and the Hawks are getting intimate with their past lives! Still worth it.

(Cover by Jesus Saiz, DC Comics)

Zatanna 7 is penned by Adam Beechen and has our Mistress of Magic attending the grand opening of the Magic Museum! We learn more about her father and Zatanna tackles some angry clothing as only she can.

(Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy, DC Comics)

Green Lantern 59 stars my favorite Corps as we finally learn where they went with the guy who started the Blackest Night! Windiebird loves an answer, y’all!

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & BATT, DC Comics)

Green Lantern Corps 54 gets some aggression out as Sinestro and Kyle punch each other around the block! All in the name of rescuing Soranik, I guess…

(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

Francis Manapul drew a comic, you guys! The Flash 6 is that comic and if you need any further inspiration to pick up your copy, we’re getting closer and closer to Captain Boomerang’s White Lantern task and the much-hyped Flashpoint event!

(Cover by Dan Jurgens & Jerry Ordway, DC Comics)

Superman meets Doomsday in DCU Legacies 7 and his coma/death marks another milestone in the ongoing history of my favorite fictional universe. Simply a great time if you’re a DC fan. Maybe not the most consistent for a newcomer since a lot of the joy comes from recognizing and reliving events but well worth the money.

(Cover by Mark Bagley & Rob Hunter, DC Comics)

Justice League of America 51 continues the brawl between the JLA and the Crime Syndicate! They don’t do it for everyone but I LOVE this incarnation of the JLA and am especially glad to see Starman and Congorilla get so much love. Good times, great oldies as they say!



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