Society of Lost Green Women

(Cover by J.H. Williams III, DC Comics)

Batwoman 0. Today. Like it is in your comic shop RIGHT NOW. If J.H. Williams III doesn’t make you want to rub comics against your eyeballs to get closer to the beauty he creates then you clearly haven’t been introduced to his work! Let the art draw you in to the deep and rich world of Kate Kane and please give this dynamic and relatively-new character support. Not to mention one of the best lesbian characters to hit the mainstream in years (Renee Montoya being the other that comes to mind)!

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

Green Arrow 6 pits Queen against Queen as Ollie invades the company he once controlled! Is the creepy gas mask nun his mom or just another person hellbent on messing with my favorite archer? Another title that I’m pleased to see on the shelves, not to be missed!

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen, DC Comics)

Justice League: Generation Lost 14 is all about the fallout from issue 13. Magog has been slain and the world think Captain Atom did it! The JLI is on the run…even more so than before? Maxwell Lord has Checkmate under his command but with Power Girl, Batman and more super-powered persons learning the truth, how long can he maintain the charade?

(Cover by Shane Davis & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

The new creative direction continues in JSA 45 and all signs point to another successful run on the title. A terrorist strike has put the Society in a very bad position but they’re doing all they can to make it up to the people of Washington, D.C.

(Cover by Felipe Massafera, DC/Teshkeel Comics)

Hopefully JLA/The 99 2 maintains the fantastic start we had in issue one! An unknown force is causing people to lose their minds and lash out in abandon! When it starts affecting Superman…you know you’re in trouble! The 99 steps in to help save the day in this pretty fantastic gem.

(Cover by Greg Land, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 530 solicits the return of the Sublime entity, probably infecting the mutants of Utopia in an effort to rid the world of them. Seriously, I guess it’s Tuesday on Utopia. While I never read any comics featuring this particular villain this line from the Marvel preview has me interested in picking up this first issue of the new story-arc, at least:  where does Dazzler get all her awesome outfits? Where, indeed.



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