Fanged, White Zombie-Cyclones

Comics actually hit stores tomorrow for us in the USA but that won’t stop me from opining on the titles today!

(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams, DC Comics)

Brightest Day 15 is the headliner on this light week in comics. Aqualad explores the full depths of his powers, Aquagirl joins the fight between Arthur and Manta and Firestorm comes knocking at the JLA’s door for help ridding the world of Deathstorm and the other Black Lanterns! We’re chugging along in the series and I can’t help but wonder how this will all read once the dust settles. Such a massively spread out story told over so many months is quite a gamble. So far I’ve come to love the tale but who knows where the finale will lead us!

(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)

Ah, JSA All-Stars 13, it’s good to see you on the shelves. You’ve certainly had your ups and downs but I think you’ve really yet to hit your stride! Sturges is pulling a few clichĂ©s out of his writing bag of tricks but still manages to make all your characters pretty darn endearing and unique! Cyclone is up against…Cy-Clones this week as she has to adjust to a life without powers. All alone with super-cute stockings, what’s a girl to do? The All-Stars are stuck in space so it’s up to my favorite Wicked fangirl to take care of business on earth! Really, if you like the recent JSA stuff then pick up All-Stars.

(Cover by Michael Allred, Vertigo Comics)

The sure thing this week is iZombie 8 because I’m pretty sure Chris Roberson and Michael Allred can do no wrong. Gwen’s getting a blast from her past, Spot’s rooming with family, Heart Throb Monster Hunters, Inc. are in a street fight with the vampirellas! Cute, quirky, beautifully drawn. That’s a comic worth reading, folks.



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