Flash Warriors Lost

(Cover by Francis Manapul, DC Comics)

The Flash 7 starts off this light week (for me, anyways) with a Rogue-centric issue! The hype text is pretty vague if this will just be a spotlight issue (a la issue 0 of this series) or an actual story-issue. Either way, a few more details about how Captain Boomerang fits into the new world order are sure to surface. Illustrated by Francis Manapul, even an issue of FAME: Captain Boomerang can get me excited!

(Cover by Rodolfo Migliari, DC Comics)

Emerald Warriors 5 has to be in the top 5 most attractive covers of all time. I’m only being half-sarcastic too, since the bloody mess that is Guy up there is rendered so nicely! On their quest to the Unknown Sectors, Guy has kept quite a few secrets from Kilowog, Arisia and even the at-home audience. We’re promised a big reveal concerning the details of his deal with Atrocitus and I’m sure someone’s getting called a poozer this issue again. I’m still on board for the Brightest Day tie-in but I have yet to see what that might be exactly.

(Cover by Kevin Maguire, DC Comics)

Justice League: Generation Lost 15 is my real excitement this week because it feels like this new JLI is about to get its team and its act together for the final arc of the series. Captain Atom returns from a dark future with a possible outcome of Max Lord’s resurrection and a burning desire to stop it at any cost. If they can deal with a world that thinks they’ve murdered Magog and a significant portion of the Chicago populace. It’s not easy being green but this new (again) team has proven itself in the past few months.



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