Birds of Lantern Academy

(Cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, DC Comics)

Oh man, it’s Birds of Prey 7!!! We finally get to find out what exactly “The Death of Oracle” means and I couldn’t be more excited! Now, I missed the Return of Bruce Wayne so I barely know a thing about this Internet 3.0 business. However, my money is on Oracle being publicly killed off in a ruse so that she can work behind the scenes setting up all this Batman, Inc. business. Possibly paving the way for Proxy to step up in the cyber-crimefighting department? I DON’T KNOW! So exciting, shake ups, shake downs, shake all arounds and sure to be another excellent issue.

(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams)

Brightest Day 16 is ACTUALLY happening this week, ugh. You guys, I use the main site for DC and Marvel to figure out what’s coming out when and the weeks there’s a holiday in the US they are guaranteed to lead me astray! So I apologize but look for Aquagirl and more on Aqualad this week! Lots of water comin’ at ya! The JLA is just going to love having all those Black Lanterns back, especially with Firestorm an inch away from eradicating reality. As spread out as the story is, I continue to enjoy it.

(Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy, DC Comics)

Green Lantern 60 gives us more on Proselyte and the Indigo Corps, my personal favorites! I went on and on during the last podcast about why I love them (and Geoff Johns, for his spectrum of Corps) but I can’t wait to see how the tensions on earth play out and just how this enigmatic tribe fits into it all. Great stuff!

(Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Marvel Comics)

Avengers Academy 7 marks the return of Giant Man! Yay? As a person who only recently started reading Avengers stuff, that probably means less to me than the long-time fans. Plus, wasn’t Hank Pym just like two other codenames a week ago? But really, who cares?! This creative team is kicking serious ass and doing it with new, engaging characters! I’m on board until there’s no train left to be on.

(Cover by Fabrizio Fiorentino, DC Comics)

If I needed any more proof that Brightest Day has me in its thrall, Titans 30 is there to remind me that I’m hooked for the long haul. Not a bad story at all and I hate to come across as such a negative Nancy about it…I suppose it’s just not my cup of tea. I definitely want to find out what Slade has planned for his Titans and I loved the Black Adam family in 52 but anti-heroics don’t turn my crank. Even when the Titans have to join sides with Batman against the inmates of Arkham! See? It’s all cool ideas and pretty cool art but just not what I’m looking for in a man.



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