I’ll Have an Orange Christmas Without You

(Cover by Gene Ha, DC Comics)

One sentence speculations GOOOOOOO! The Larfleeze Christmas Special is somehow a Brightest Day tie-in featuring Larfleeze attempting to “obtain” Santa Claus!(???)

(Cover by Greg Land, Marvel Comics)

Uncanny X-Men 531 features Storm leading an X-team featuring Northstar and Dazzler…other, less important stuff happens too.

(Cover by Rafael Albuquerque, Vertigo Comics)

American Vampire 10 means Pearl and her man laying the hurt on some unruly vamps; these Scoobies have bite!

(Cover by Dan Jurgens & Jerry Ordway, DC Comics)

DCU Legacies 8 gives the gift of the Reign of the Supermen, Hal Jordan with sexy gray streaks and the Fourth World!

(Cover by Tyler Kirkham & BATT, DC Comics)

In Green Lantern Corps 55 it’s Green Lanterns vs. the Weaponers and Guy’s Red Ring prophecies reach the other Lanterns from Earth!

(Cover by Mark Bagley & Rob Hunter, DC Comics)

Justice League of America 52 deserves a buy because this is a fresh, interesting team that could bring new life to the JLA, regardless of how unsurprising I find the basic plot so far.

(Cover by Dustin Nguyen & Kevin Maguire, DC Comics)

Generation Lost 16 pits the Creature Commandos against the JLI as Fire lies be-shot while Power Girl is looking for some vengeance of her own.

(Various Artists, DC Comics)

Wonder Woman 605: exeunt JMS, Phil Hester throws his hat into the ring and Diana is up against the Morrigan!

(Cover by Stephane Roux, DC Comics)

Zatanna 8 means Cliff Chiang and Paul Dini doing the puppet episode of Zatanna, it’s gonna be pure gold!



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