Justice for the Green 99

(Cover by Scott Kolins, DC Comics)

The Flash 8 serves as the prelude to Flashpoint and (re-)tells the origin story of the Reverse Flash! Thawne is one twisted mamma jamma but I’m sure this issue will be playing a huge role in Barry Allen’s first big event now that he’s back.

(Cover by Mauro Cascioli, DC Comics)

Green Arrow 7 introduces another character emerging from the Star City Forest, the Lady of the (Night) Forest! I mean, good stuff so far, no doubt about it…but the cast of new characters is growing mighty quick and there are some grumblings from the Arrow Family fans about the lack of Connor and Mia. It’s really only 7 issues in, so I’m not worries about anything. Lovely visuals and a very solid characterization of Mr. Queen, which is all I need from a Green Arrow comic.

(Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy, DC Comics)

It’s Spectre v. Butcher v. Hal Jordan in Green Lantern 61! Entities are dropping like flies but will the Big Red one even survive to be captured by Krona? Probably going to be a bit of a filler issue but a FUN one and there’s nothing wrong with that!

(Cover by Felipe Massafe, DC Comics)

JLA/The 99 3 continues this totally rockin’ crossover series that I implore everyone to catch up on ASAP if you’ve missed it! Pure joy up to this point and no sign of that stopping. The 99 are a fascinating group and easily stand next to the JLA and this mini-series has been the perfect introduction for them to the wider DC market (which included me, of course).

(Cover by Shane Davis & Sandra Hope, DC Comics)

As the JSA is rebuilding Monument Point in JSA 46 new heroes and villains are taking advantage of the ensuing chaos. It’s been an interesting regime-change for the team and it’s clear the Marc Guggenheim is still warming up his personal take on the characters. Still the world’s finest supergroup.

(Cover by Tim Bradstreet, Marvel Comics)

I’m a little worried about Anya, you guys. Spider-Girl 2 pits her against the Red Hulk and while I have no idea who he or she is…I know the once-Arana is in serious trouble. The first issue was wholly enjoyable and piqued my interest for a few issues yet to come. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter too!



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