Brightest Sexy Covers


(Cover by David Finch & Scott Williams, DC Comics)


Brightest Day 17 finally cuts the camera back to Zamoran, showing the struggle the Hawks and the Star Sapphires now face to maintain the very purity of love (which, let’s be honest, the Sapphires have not always been shining paragons of). Captain, our Captain Boomerang is on the warpath to Hawk as well! I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up.


(Cover by Freddie Williams II, DC Comics)

JSA All-Stars 14 is the first of our gorgeous January covers here and…it’s done by Freddie Williams II. I’ve been pretty critical of the guy but he really has grown even since I’ve been reading All-Stars. It feels like Sturges is finally getting to the team and pitch he’s been driving at since issue 1 and this should be another fun romp. The Puzzlemen attack and Roxy gets some humanity tutorials.



(Cover by Gene Ha, DC Comics)

Do I ship Starman/Congorilla? You bet your furry diamonds, I do. I’ve been digging the dynamic these two have had since they were re-introduced on the JLA. They’re my favorite part of the new team and I’m so happy they’re getting a one-shot! This ties in to the Omega storyline going on with the Crime Syndicate and Omega Man and has these two friends bouncing around the DCU searching for the Fountain of Youth and the answer to diffuse the dark energy encasing a huge chunk of Washington, D.C.



(Cover by Alex Garner, DC Comics)

The last time I saw Steel was in 52! I’m so happy to see this badass black superhero get a little love, even as a one-shot deal. Dr. John Irons kickstarts the Reign of Doomsday as the only superhero active in Metropolis and I have no idea why. The answer to that mystery and how he fares against the monstrosity is in these pages. Kudos to DC for beginning this event with Steel, it got me on board with the whole idea.



(Cover by Phil Noto, DC Comics)

Superboy 3 continues Conner’s Smallville living, with a mad scientist friend, lunch with Kid Flash, alien terrorists and Krypto! I’m late to the party but really enjoying the story (but sharing Aaron M.’s reservations about some of the art).



(Cover by Michael Allred, Vertigo Comics)

iZombie 9 means D&D, Horatio & Gwen on a hot date, Diogenes against the world (of sexy, paintballin’ vampires), Galatea’s plans slowly revealed and Ellie on a mission to re-tangible herself. Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, please never stop making this superb comic.




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