The Cape


Tonight the Cape premiered to ENORMOUS  clichés and mediocre acting. It looks like creator Tom Wheeler has been shopping in Batman creator Bob Kane’s closet. David Lyons plays Vince Faraday, a Palm City cop with a heart of gold  who gets framed by baddie Chess for multiple murders. While on the run Vince finds himself hiding in the tunnels of Palm City and is quickly taken capture by a group of circus thieves who then help him become the Cape. NBC didn’t let this one fall too far from the tree.

While comic fans can be excited about having something comic related to watch on  NBC, this makes us at Mutant A Day wonder why they cancelled Heroes.


With bad guys like Scales and Chess [whose super power seems to be creepy cat shaped contacts wearing], they are hardly SUPER villains. It’s more like Power Puff Girl fodder and even then I’m sure they wouldn’t waste their time in Palm City fighting second-hand baddies.

The Cape seems to have jumped on the Super Hero show/movie bandwagon without taking the time to develop characters or story lines in any original fashion. Way to go Wheeler, for your sake mom’s and clueless children everywhere who have no knowledge of Batman will love this for the everything it’s not.

That mask making scene is SO Batman Returns, Catwoman, post being pushed out from a 30 story building by Christopher Walken, drinking a half gallon of milk and cutting up a leather coat while a plethora of cats give Michelle Pfeiffer meows of encouragement. Was the angry yell really necessary Mr. Cape? At least Catwoman had the decency stretch out in her newly leathered up attire in front of an open window.

P.S. at least Summer Glau is in it, even though she plays a Batgirl/Oracle character who drives a Benz. I vote lets get her ass in a wheelchair! Am I right ladies?

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3 thoughts on “The Cape

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  2. Probably not. I love her, no doubt. But my MOM loves cape as do my 45 year old co-workers…soooo. We’ll see how the next few episodes peter-pan out.

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