DC Universe Online ; In review

From DC Universe Online

Fellow gaming and comic book nerd extroidinaire Heber Hernandez gives us a short review and some insight on the new DC Universe Online game for pc’s and PS3’s! [oh my!]

“I love it so far!  The graphics are amazing, as well as the powers. Though there are not as many [powers] as I would like to see, but I know they are wanting to expand more so that’s something to look forward to!

I’ve been playing as a hero so far, and all the mission stories are very fun. Even though the majority of your missions depend on your mentor, (Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman)  you can still do some for the other groups. I have gone up against Felix Fauhst, Dr Psycho, Trigon possessing Raven, Isis, Queen Bee, Deathstroke/The Riddler, and my current mission is going up against the Spectre. 

Needless to say it is alot of fun and you get to fight alongside some of your favorite heroes too! There was this really neat mission quest helping the Green Lantern Corps and you got to see some of the cool powers they would do, which they have said that they will be bringing “hard light’ as a power in the future. The level cap right now is set to 30 and I’m already a level 28. It’s only been out a week or so, so I think they will be expanding in the future, but they do have alot of PVP areas for you to do once you reach the level cap.

 One of my favorite things is that your outfit can change as you progress through the game and collect new gear, but once you ‘collect’ new gear it stays with you so even though your wearing something you can change your apperance to something you have already collected. I think that is a great little perk! “
Thanks to Heber for giving us his info about DC Universe Online!

Image from DC Universe Online


Image, DC Universe Online


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